2024/05/22- updated lolita fashion wardrobe, started to add the novelties section.

2024/05/21- updated lolita fashion wardrobe, added a couple of purchased items.

2024/05/17- updated lolita fashion wardrobe to add mascot bags section.

2024/05/15- updated lolita fashion wardrobe to add outerwear section.

2024/05/11- added sylvanian families page. updated lolita fashion wardrobe-- added purchased items, removed sold items.

2024/05/03- updated lolita fashion wardrobe-- added a few purchased items

2024/04/26- updated lolita fashion wardrobe-- deleted a sold item

2024/04/24- updated lolita fashion wardrobe-- took nicer photos of some older pieces

2024/04/22- updated lolita fashion wardrobe-- added tops

2024/04/21- updated lolita fashion wardrobe-- changed image size, removed sold items, and added recent purchases (ap fancy paper dolls jsk, ap flower kitten jsk, ap sweetie violet jsk, metamorphose shirring jsk)

2024/04/16- updated lolita fashion wardrobe-- added three recently purchased items (btssb cutsew op, angelic pretty sleeping deep sea stars jsk, metamorphose jewel butterfly high waist jsk)

2024/04/10- updated lolita fashion wardrobe-- removed sold items, added a new purchase, and added lolibrary links for all garments where available.

2024/04/07- updated lolita fashion wardrobe with some self introduction and background of my wearing lolita.

2024/04/04- updated lolita fashion wardrobe and minidisc gallery

   added more minidiscs and a new btssb jsk i bought recently :)

2024/04/02- updated lolita fashion wardrobe

   only main pieces for now

2024/03/31- added minidisc gallery

   i am currently very jetlagged having come back from japan a few days ago. please enjoy this gallery i made out of sleep deprivation and boredom. more to come ^^

additional minor update: added title tags on mouseover to gallery images in angels' archive.

2024/02/10 - site soft launch


hello and welcome to my site. i'm elly, aka angelsealcat.

my interests include lolita fashion, 2000s era electronics and gaming, and pokémon.

i created this website to document my interests and activities ^^ thank you for reading!