sylvanian families


most of the figures, not counting some i have separate on display elsewhere or in keychains. i mostly collect the cats and bunnies, as well as limited seasonal releases and the nakayoshi friend sets. of course i also absolutely love the seal family, and look forward to collecting any future versions they introduce.


all of my playsets live on a 6-tier bookcase that my husband refers to as the sylvanian families condo megatower. it's difficult to photograph because it's in an entryway, and taller than me. ^^; fun fact, i won the red convertible playing the sylvanian kuji (ball lottery) at the mori no uchi odaiba store. my favorite playsets are the retro fairy forest ones from the 80s, and i'm really excited they've been introducing some new fairy and leaf themed accessories recently!


clothes made by me and others


stickers, books, oversized figures, and ex store display items